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Sorting balance sheet operations payments monitoring

Sooner or later any company gets an issue with standardization of balance operations.
When company start working not so much attention is paid to identification of payment and payment system, to transaction number in financial monitoring system and etc.
But sooner or later problem arises so sharply that is not possible to postpone it.
We saw a lot attempts to solve this problem but most of them leaded to complication of operations or required use of additional systems or did not solve the problem completely.
We offer a system which allows to solve this problem:
1) while providing maximal comfort. No additional databases required to store corresponding MT4 order number and transaction in external system.
2) with minimal labor costs. Our solution is integrated completely in MT4 and all connected systems require minimal modifications.
3) as fast as possible. All changes, even ones concerning old operations are done without changing main parameters of record, i.e. comment to transaction, time, sum and etc stay unchanged. But you will be able to see what kind of operation it was - deposit from external source, internal transfer or bonus funds crediting.

For more details - please contact us in any convenient way for you.
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