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Multilanguage sending terminal messages and push notifications

Multilanguage sending terminal messages and push notifications

Software for automation delivery of multilingual terminal mail and push notifications allows marketing department to to interact easily with your clients. Colorful HTML mails can be sent directly to your clients' terminals.
To organize mail delivery it is just enough to place marked up mail template into database and choose list of countries delivery to which is required. Last one can be done easily with use of additional table with links between countries and languages.
Advantage of such mailings is in instant mail delivery and in the absence of risk that letters are treated as 'spam', no resources are required for modifying letters to match all pecularities of mailings via convential email. Your clients will be informed immediately about new promotions, updates of trading conditions and special offers for his region e.t.c.
Software also allows to send short push notifications to your clients in same way to their mobile terminals. These notifications will be seen straight on your clients' cell phone displays.

Key advantages:
  • Support of up to 20 MT4 servers
  • Pending mail delivery
  • Multilingual mailing while most of brokers use automated mailing in English only or organize mailing manually in order to display Japanese, Thai, Chinese, Arabic and other languages correctly. This software converts required language into format supported by MT4.
  • Easy to integrate
  • High conversion rate

Description of databases required for operation:

CREATE TABLE `delivery` (
  `id` int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT COMMENT 'Unique identificator',	#mailing ID
  `create` datetime DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP,						#time of record creation
  `subject` varchar(128) DEFAULT,										#Header of mail, not used in push notifications
  `text` longtext,														#HTML code of letter or text of push notification
  `sended` varchar(20) DEFAULT '0',										#Delivery flags, 0 - new, xx1 sent to available servers (for unavailble ones retry will take place later), (1) - sent to all servers
  `mailtype` int(11) DEFAULT '0',											# Type: 0 - Mail, 1 - Push
  `sendtime` datetime DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP,						#time by which mailing should be started sending
  `from` text,															#list of countries separated by | (example: Germany|United Kingdom|France)
  `sendtype` int(11) DEFAULT '0',											#List type from: 0 - countries, 2 - languages
  PRIMARY KEY (`id`),
  UNIQUE KEY `id_UNIQUE` (`id`)

CREATE TABLE `Languages` (
  `Country` VARCHAR(32) NOT NULL,	#Country from MT4
  `Language` CHAR(3) NULL,			#Language code
  PRIMARY KEY (`Country`));

terminal mail example:
Multilanguage sending terminal messages and push notifications
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